Frío® Totally Cool Drinks Coolers

Frío® Drinks Coolers Qty: Price: $8.00

The Totally Cool Drinks Cooler Is
Reusable So You Can Reactivate It Over
And Over Again.

About The Totally Cool Drinks Cooler
The Drink Coolers Work Using A Law Of Physics That States:
"When A Liquid Is Evaporating, It Is Cooling." Using This Principle, The panels Of The Material Contain Non-Toxic Crystals Which Are Super Absorbent And Can Soak up To 500 Times Their Weight In Water!! The crystals Form A Gel-Like Substance When Soaked And The Evaporation of The Water From The Crystals Takes A Long Time, Giving You Hours Of Cooling Time All The While The Crystals Are In Their Gel-Like State, They Are Evaporating Therefore Cooling.

Over-Soaking Can Render The Holder Useless For Ages, So It Is
Important To Keep An Eye On It. We Hope You Find Your Drink Holder to Be Extremely Useful, And Don't Forget To Spread The Word!!


Instructions For Use
Submerge Your Totally Cool Drink Cooler In Cold Water
For Approximately 15 Minutes.
Remove, Towel Dry And Insert Your Cold Can Or Bottle
Straight From The Fridge!!
Your Drinks Will Remain Cold For Hours

External Dimensions: 5 x 3 diameter
Weight: 0.8 oz (25gms)
Colors available: Green/Gold Trim, Blue/Red Trim, Black/Black Trim Black/Red Trim