How to activate your Frío®

To activate your Frío®, simply soak in cool tap water for 8-15 minutes (depending on size). While your Frío® is soaking, move the crystals in the wallet to distribute evenly. The crystals contained in the panels of the wallet expand into a gel form which remains cool for several days. Once sufficiently activated, remove from water and roll in a towel to remove the excess water. Remove from towel and your Frío® is now dry to the touch. It is advisable to let your activated Frío® air dry on a surface for a minimum of 30 minutes (longer if possible). Your medication can be placed into your Frío® wallet while it is air-drying. After this very important air drying step, the wallet can be placed into the Cambrelle™ cover.

Once activated by water, it is not water, but rather air drying the water held in the crystals that create the evaporative cooling process thereby keeping your Frio® cool.  Frío® products need to breathe and must have continual air circulation.. While activated, Frío® products must not be placed into air tight containers, plastic bags, backpacks, luggage, etc. External mesh pockets are the ideal way to carry your activated Frío® and will maximize the cooling temperature. When you notice your Frío® product is drying out, it can be reactivated in water. Please remember that as long as the crystals are even slightly moist, the re-soaking time will be greatly reduced to 2-3 minutes. The crystals will continue to expand and absorb water. Towel and air drying times remain the same.

Used properly, you can reactivate your Frío® hundreds of times! In over 15 years of usage and over 3 million units in use, we have NEVER HAD A SINGLE CASE WHERE OUR Fríos have failed in their ability to keep insulin cool and safe when the correct procedures have been followed. As Frio® products use only water and air, they just cannot fail.

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