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I can't remember when I have experienced such a competent company and I must add such a great representive of the company as you. Our son called from Virginia Beach today and told us that the Cooler for his insulin for his upcoming hike on the AT arrived. He is very pleased and Thanks both of us. He is turning 50 this year and I told him it would be an early HB gift! Thanks again...it's been a pleasure...it proves that even when you are retired and "trying" to be thrifty...money isn't everything...but...good customer service always wins out over everything.


OUTSTANDING. I should point out that I am an Engineer - understand the theories of Thermodynamics, and the physics behind evaporation and cooling. I took my first trip using my Mini Cooler from Denver to Phoenix. I had NO TROUBLE getting through the TSA (although I was concerned about how they would treat it).. My insulin was in the Mini-cooler for about 10 hours one day, and 12 hours the next day - including in my car sitting (at least part-time) in the sun. Each evening, when I removed my insulin from the cooler - it was COOL. This is a great product - light weight - easy to use - and effective.


I bought 2 of the frio's over a year ago. So far they have been a life saver. We use one on a daily basis during the summer months, and we have never had a problem. They keep the insulin at just the right temp. The 2nd one we purchased was an extra large bag, we put it in our son's emergency bag/72 hour kit. It's large enough to hold all the insulin in the fridge. Should we ever have an emergency situation, I feel at ease knowing we'll be able to keep his extra supply of insulin safe. I highly recommend Frio!


This is a product that all people with Diabetes, that use insulin, should check into. I found this product several years ago while planning a motorcycle trip across the US and wondering how I was going to keep my insulin cool. If you have traveled with insulin then you know that ice is probably not the best answer. What if you could do this with just water? Please be advised that I have no interest in this product, other than the fact that it works for me. It has kept all my insulin cool for several days in 115 degree heat on numerous occasions. I hope that this information helps someone else! Patti: I should have posted this information years ago and I wanted to let you know that I took the liberty of posting a link to your product on one of the Diabetes Forums, where I am a member, in hopes that this product would be beneficial to other members. Thanks again for a great product. Danny (aka dano)

Happy Guest

Patti - I got my FRIO and tested it out...It is still puffed up and cool this morning and I activated it Tues. evening. We are planning a trip to NYC and think this FRIO is just perfect! I am so happy to have found your products and will be spreading the word! Thanks for making our travel plans a bit easier!


Hi, Just wanted you to know that I activated and used my Frio wallet for 8 Lantus SolarStar pens for a two month period. I purchased a nylon net bag with a metal clip so I could attach the Frio to the outside of my backpack when moving through the airport. Otherwise it stayed on a nightstand or desk daily. I soaked it when necessary and was so pleased with its performance! I did notice that it had a white spot, and believe that at one time I left it soaking longer than I should have, but I blotted it and it came off. I am home now for a while and have let it dry out completely. Unbelieveable that it can be so flat and puff up the way it does. A wonderful, wonderful product and I am passint out your website whenever I can! Thank you!!


Thank you so much, Patti- That's fast! I have to confirm that all the reviews on the web are true- you really are an amazingly great customer service person! I look forward to using it while bike racing in high heat and while traveling in Taiwan and Brazil, where I have been having problems keeping my insulin pump from the high heat. Have a great week and look forward to spreading the word about CoolerConcept.


Patti – I got my FRIO and tested it out…It is still puffed up and cool this morning, and I activated it Tues. evening. It hasn’t been very warm here, but I am impressed with it. My daughter has CF and needs her nebulized meds kept cool. We are planning a trip to NYC and this FRIO is just perfect! Thanks for making our travel plans a bit easier!

Bengt Hellstom, Sweden

I travel very much and without your wallets it had been very hard or even impossible. I was in Croatia in 2001 with temperatures +35 °C (95 °F) in the shade! To live with diabetes is not very easy at times, but your products make life supportable. Thank you.”F Kramer, USA by e-mail … “We ride motorcycles on long trips often overnight. After trial and error on many different ways with limited success, I found your product on the Internet. I just returned from 2 three days trips on the bike and it worked great. The first trip, the weather was very wet with cool temperatures, the second trip was warm 90 plus degrees. The wallet worked like a champ on both trips. Thank you again.

P. Dwane, Suffolk UK

After spending two weeks touring the Southern United States I wanted to tell you how pleased I was with the performance of my FRÍO® Travel Case and Cooling Wallet. The Travel Case kept all my blood test items neat and tidy and the Cooling Wallet meant I didn't have to worry about finding fridges to store my insulin. They saved a lot of worry and fuss.

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